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Our 4 level Tai Chi Course is in-depth and easy to use.  The step-by-step format has been created with your learning journey in mind and offers one of the most complete paths to Tai Chi available online for only $59.


Four Levels of Learning

Each level has workshops, special tutorials and access to the forum where expert teachers can answer questions.

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The course comes with a range of additional content including Masterclasses where common issues are explained and learning can accelerate.

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Bonus Content

From e-Books and guided meditations - there's a host of bonus content.

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Here's What You'll Get

By taking this course today, you'll get the complete A-Z on Tai Chi forms, practice and meditation.

i-Chi is based on a series of ‘live’ Workshops that were all filmed with real students learning. The course takes you through the entire 37 Movement Form of Master Huang and Cheng Man Ching, Push Hands and the 5 Internal Loosening Exercises and Warm Ups.

In addition, there are guided meditations, E-books and troubleshooting seminars.

  • 14 in-depth workshops covering the complete 37 movement form.
  • 6 Masterclasses for additional learning.
  • Bonus content including Form demos.
  • 4 Accuracy Videos
  • 3 E-books
  • 2 Meditations

All this for only $59.

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